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Bath Abbey

What is it?

The current Abbey church of St. Peter and St. Paul is the third building to have stood on this site since Roman times. In the Saxon church, Edgar was crowned as the first King of All England in 973 (see plaque 1 below).

Following the Norman Conquest in 1066, the Saxon church was replaced by a much larger Cathedral church in the period 1090-1161 (see plaque 2 below).

By 1500, the Norman church was seriously delapidated. The current Abbey church was begun in 1502 and largely completed by 1533, occupying just the nave section of the Normal church. [Forsyth 2003].

Where is it in Bath?

Bath Abbey is in the centre of Bath, adjacent to the Roman Baths complex. The two plaques are located on the outside of the east wall:
Location of plaques at Bath Abbey The right hand plaque (1) relates to the coronation of Edgar in 973:

King Edgar plaque

The text on plaque 1 reads

"Edgar First King of all England was crowned by Dunstan Archbishop of Canterbury in the Saxon Abbey on this site on Whitsunday A.D. 973"

The left hand free-standing plaque (2) describes the Norman Cathedral that stood on this site:

Norman Cathedral plaque

The text on plaque 2 reads

"The tower of the Norman Cathedral built by Bishop John de Villula in the reign of William II (c 1091) stood here. The apse is believed to have extended 36 metres east from this point"

Location map of plaques:
Bath Abbey plaques location map



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