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Heritage plaques dedicated to individuals are listed below, ordered alphabetically by surname.

Plaques appearing on structures are in the structures index.

Plaques grouped by subject are are in the subject index.

The Sources page gives a full list of books and websites consulted in the production of this site.

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Alphabetic list of names.

Allen, Ralph, Entrepreneur
Andre, Major John, Military
Anstey, Christopher, Author
Austen, Rev. George, Clergy
Austen, Jane Author
Barker, Benjamin, Painter
Barker, Thomas, Painter
Beckford, William, Author
Bonaparte, Louis Napoleon, Emperor Napoleon III, Royalty
Breton, Adela, Explorer
Brooke, Sir James, Politician
Brunel, Isambard Kingdom, Engineer
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward, Lord, Politician
Burke, Edmund, Politician
Burney, Fanny, Author
Butler, Bishop Joseph, Clergy
Cayzer, Bernard, Benefactor
Charlotte, Queen, Royalty
Chesterfield, Earl of, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Politician
Churchill, Sir Winston, Politician
Clarence, William, Duke of, (later King William IV), Royalty
Clive, Robert, Lord Military
Dickens, Charles, Author
Duck, William, Musician
Fielding, Henry, Author
Fielding, Sarah, Author
Frere, Sir Bartle, Administrator
Friese-Greene, William, Cinematographer
Gainsborough, Thomas, Painter
Goldsmith, Oliver, Author
Guyon, General Richard, Military
Harrison, Frederic, Historian
Herschel, Sir William, Composer and Astronomer
Howe, Admiral Richard, Earl Howe, Naval
Hunter, John, Surgeon
Huntingdon, Selina, Countess of, Religious Leader
Jay, Reverend William, Clergy
Landor, Walter Savage, Author
Lawrence, Sir Thomas, Painter
Leighton, Frederic, Lord, Painter
Linley, Elizabeth, Musician
Linley, Thomas, Composer
Livingstone, Dr David, Explorer
More, Hannah, Author
Napier, Sir Charles, Military
Nash, Richard, (Beau Nash), Celebrity
Nelson, Horatio, Lord, Naval
Oliver, Dr William, Physician
Palmer, John, Entrepreneur
Parry, Dr Caleb Hillier
Parry, Rear Admiral Sir William Edward, Naval
Patch, Harry, Military
Phillip, Vice-Admiral Arthur, Naval
Piozzi, Mrs  (Mrs Hester Thrale), Author
Pitman, Sir Isaac, Inventor
Pitt, William the elder, Earl of Chatham, Politician
Pitt, William the younger, Politician
Quin, James, Actor
Roberts, Field Marshal Frederick, Earl Roberts, Military
Rudge, John Arthur Roebuck, Cinematographer
Saintsbury, George, Author
Scott, Sir Walter, Author
Shelley, Mary, Author
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, Author
Sheridan, Thomas, Author
Siddons, Sarah, Actor
Smith, Admiral Sir William Sidney, Naval
Smith, Henry Stafford, Philatelist
Smith, John Christopher, Musician
Smith, William, Geologist
Southey, Robert, Actor
Thirlwall, Bishop Connop, Clergy
Troutt, Edwina, Celebrity
Wade, Field Marshal George, Military
Walpole, Horace, Author
Weatherly, Fred E, Composer
Wesley, John, Clergy
Wilberforce, William, Politician
Williams, Sinéad, Naval
Wolfe, General James, Military
Wood, John the elder, Architect
Wood, John the younger, Architect
Wordsworth, William, Author

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