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John Christopher Smith

Who was he?

Wikipedia: John Christopher Smith [Johann Christoph Schmidt] (b Ansbach 1712 - d Bath 1795) was an English composer who, following in his father's footsteps, became George Frederic Handel's secretary and amanuensis.

Why was he in Bath?

Handel bequeathed to the Smith family his collection of keyboard instruments in his house at 25 Brook Street. Smith had a few lessons from Handel and Johann Christoph Pepusch but studied mostly with Thomas Roseingrave. He retired to 18, Brock Street, Bath in the 1770s (the plaque is actually on the building on the opposite of the road - Parkview House - which could be 19 or 19a Brock Street):
Location of plaque at 25 Brock Street

John Christopher Smith  plaque

The text reads

"Here dwelt John Christopher Smith (1712 - 1795) Handel's friend and secretary"

Location map of 19 Brock Street:John Christopher Smith location map



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