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Admiral Arthur Phillip

Who was he?

Wikipedia: Admiral Arthur Phillip RN (11 October 1738 31 August 1814) was a British admiral and colonial administrator. Phillip was appointed Governor of New South Wales, the first European colony on the Australian continent, and was the founder of the site which is now the city of Sydney.

Why was he in Bath?

In late 1792 Phillip, whose health was suffering from the poor diet, at last received permission to leave Australia and return to England. Phillip, whose first wife, Margaret, had died in 1792 married Isabella Whitehead in 1794, and lived for a time in Bath before returning to sea.

In 1805, aged 67, he retired from the Navy with the rank of Admiral of the Blue, and spent most of the rest of his life in Bath at 19, Bennett Street, where he died in 1814. He is buried in Bathampton Church.

On 12th July 2014, to commemorate the bicentenary of his death, an armillary sphere was unveiled in the garden of the Assembly Rooms almost opposite to this house.

Two plaques are located at 19 Bennett Street:
Location of plaque at 19 Bennett Street

          Arthur Phillip plaque

The text reads

"Here lived Admiral Phillip 1806 - 1814" and on the lower plaque "First Governor of Australia"

Update July 2016

The lower plaque now reads: "Founder of Modern Australia"

Vice-Admiral Arthur Phillip plaque 2016

Location map of 19 Bennett Street:Vice-Admiral Arthur Phillip location map



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