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Sir James Brooke

Who was he?

Wikipedia:   James, The Rajah of Sarawak (born James Brooke; 29 April 1803 – 11 June 1868) was the first White Rajah of Sarawak. His father, Thomas Brooke, was English; his mother, Anna Maria, was born in Hertfordshire, the illegitimate daughter of Scottish peer Colonel William Stuart, 9th Lord Blantyre, and his mistress Harriott Teasdale. 

Why was he in Bath?

James Brooke was born in Secrore, a suburb of Benares, India, where he lived until the age of 12. He was then sent to England and a brief education at Norwich School from which he ran away. Some home tutoring followed in Bath before he returned to India in 1819 as an ensign in the Bengal Army of the British East India Company. In Bath he lived at 1, Widcombe Crescent:
Location of plaque at 1, Widcombe Crescent

Sir James Brooke plaque

The text reads

"Here lived Sir James Brooke, K.C.B First Rajah of Sarawak B. 1803 D. 1868"

Location map of 1, Widcombe Crescent (off map to South):
Sir James Brooke location map



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