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Thomas  Barker

Who was he?

Thomas Barker of Bath (1767-1847), known as 'Barker of Bath' was the best-known of a dynasty of painters that commenced with his father, Benjamin Barker.  Thomas Barker was the second child of Benjamin Barker (c.1720-1793). His younger brother Benjamin Barker (II) also has a heritage plaque.

Why was he in Bath?

Born to some wealth, Benjamin Barker senior spent his youth on the family estates where he developed a keen interest in horses which lasted his whole life. In 1781 he moved to Bath, popular with artists who preyed upon the rich and fashionable who came to take the spa waters. Unfortunately, Barker found that he could not make sufficient money by painting alone, and had to supplement his earnings by painting coats of arms on carriages and by working in a stable. Barker was the founder of a dynasty of Bath-based artists, including his fourth child, Benjamin Barker (II).

Thomas Barker lived at Doric House, built for him and containing its own gallery:
Doric House, Cavendish Road

Location of plaque at Doric House

The text reads

"Here lived Thomas Barker b.1769 d. 1847"

Location map of Doric House:
Thomas Barker location map



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