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Adela Breton

Who was she?

Wikipedia: Adela Catherine Breton (1849 – June 1923) was an English archaeological artist and explorer. She made watercolour copies of the wall paintings of Mexican temples, notably those of the Upper Temple of Jaguars at Chichen Itza.

Why was she in Bath?

Adela Breton was born in London in 1849 but her family moved to Bath in 1852 to live at 15, Camden Crescent. She later worked in Mexico, where she travelled to remote areas to study Maya ruins – which was quite exceptional for a lady of her time. She died in Barbados in 1923.

This new plaque was unveiled on 19th July 2016 by the Chargé d’affaires of the Mexican Embassy, Minister David Najera .
Location of Adela Breton plaque at Camden

Adela Breton

The text reads

"Adventurer, Archaeologist, Artist
Adela Breton
Lived here 1852-1923"

Location map of plaque:
Camden Crescent
          plaque location map



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