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This page lists those who might be deserving of a Heritage plaque, but don't yet have one...

Please note it has taken forty-five years to get a plaque erected to celebrate Mary Shelley's time in Bath!

The Sources page gives a full list of books and websites consulted in the production of this site.

Name, Address and Dates of Residence.

Nicolas Cage: 7, the Circus: 2007 - 2010: actor, producer and director
Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany: 1, Royal Crescent: 1796
Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany:16, Royal Crescent   
Princess de Lambelle: 1, Royal Crescent: 1786
Philip Thickness: 8, Royal Crescent: 1768
Vicomte Jean Baptiste du Barré: 8, Royal Crescent: 1778
Admiral Sir William Hargood: 9, Royal Crescent: 1834
Hon Charles Hamilton: 14, Royal Crescent: 1773-1786
Dr John Haygarth: 15, Royal Crescent   
Sir Francis Burdett: 16, Royal Crescent: 1814-22
Charles V of France: 11, Great Pulteney Street: 1831
Louis XVIII of France: 72, Great Pulteney Street: 1813
Mrs Fitzherbert: 27, Great Pulteney Street: 1788-9
General Napier: 9, Great Pulteney Street    1836-8
Admiral Alexander Hood, Viscount Bridport: 34, Great Pulteney Street: to 1819
Emma Hamilton: 6, Edward Street   
Thomas Baldwin: 6, Great Pulteney Street: 1791-94
William Beckford: 66, Great Pulteney Street: 1822
Moses Pickwick: 8, Henrietta Street: 1864-9



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