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Blue Coat School

What is it?

A school was founded on this site in Bath in 1711, with a schoolhouse built in 1728 by William Killigrew The name came from the colour of the uniform worn by the children who attended. The current building dates from 1859-60 and was built by Manners and Gill. There were separate entrances for the sixty boys and sixty girls who attended what were treated as separate schools. [Forsyth 2003]. The building is now used as a restaurant (currently the Giggling Squid).

Where is it in Bath?

It is on the corner of Upper Borough Walls (to the left) and Saw Close (to the right). The Z Bath hotel complex to the right opened in 2018 and was partly built on the site of the school's playground. During preliminary excavations, the remains of a clay tobacco pipe factory was discovered beneath the surface by Cotswold Archaeology.
View of Blue Coat
        School building from Sawclose
In the entrance corridor to the restaurant there is a plaque commemorating Mr. & Mrs. Cowden, who were Master and Mistress of the Schools:
Memorial plaque
        inside entrance to Blue Coat School building

The text reads:

"This tablet is erected in the grateful commemoration of the life long work of Mr & Mrs Crowden who for more than half a century, held the offices of Master and Mistress of these Blue Coat Schools.

Firmly attached to the doctrine and principles of the Church of England, they imparted to many successive generations of scholars, a religious and useful education, enforced and illustrated by their own Christian characters, unobtrusive piety and conscientious performance of their duties.

Mr Crowden was appointed Master in the year 1828, and died on the 22nd September 1882 while holding that office.

Mrs Crowden was appointed Mistress in the year 1833, and resigned that office shortly after her husbandís death."

Location map of Blue Coat School:

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