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Guildhall Extension

What is it?

The current Guildhall was designed by Thomas Baldwin and built 1775-8. It was extended by the addition of two wings, the north being built 1893-6 and the south (with the tablet described here) 1893-5. The architect was John McKean Brydon (who was also responsible for the Victoria Art Gallery, adjacent to the north wing). The south wing housed, and still houses, municipal offices. The north wing was used for a technical school until 1935, but is now also municipal offices. [Forsyth 2003]

Where is it in Bath?

The south wing of the Guildhall is on High Street and is opposite the Abbey, from where the photo was taken.
Location of plaque at Guildhall Extension

Guildhall Extension plaque

The text reads

"These municipal buildings were rendered necessary by the large increase of public business since the erection of the central building of the Guildhall anno domini MDCCLXXVII [1777]
and this memorial stone was laid on the first of June MDCCCXCIII [1893]
in the presence of the magistrates corporation and citizens of the ancient city
by Jerom Murch esquire JP DL Mayor of Bath the seventh time
J M Brydon FRIBA Architect
John  Stone Town Clerk
Jesse Hayward and Edgar William Wooster Contractors"

Location map of plaque:
Guildhall plaque location map



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