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Argyle Chapel Day-School

What is it?

Argyle Chapel Day-School was founded in 1844, adjacent to the Argyle Independent Chapel that had opened in 1789. The Chapel itself was enlarged twice, in 1804 and 1821 [Forsyth 2003].

Where is it in Bath?

Argyle Chapel Day-School was in Grove Street and the plaque is at the far northerly end of the United Reform Church Halls, which now occupy the site (completed 1955). The Halls are to the rear of the Argyle Chapel (United Reform Church) in Argyle Street (see William Jay):
Location of plaque at Grove Street

Argyle Chapel School plaque

The text reads

"Here stood Argyle Chapel Day-School
Founded A.D. 1844
This Hall was erected A.D. 1955"

Location map of plaque:
Argyle Day-School plaque location map



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