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City Wall - Old Orchard Street

What is it?

The city walls of Bath date from the fourth century, but were repaired and rebuilt throughout the medieval period. They were 10 ft (3 metres) wide at their base and over 20 ft (6 metres) high. They served to defend the city until after the Civil War. The lower part of this section is thought to be Roman. [Forsyth 2003

Where is it in Bath?

This section is to be found in a car park next to the Marks & Spencer delivery area, on the corner of Old Orchard Street and Henry Street:
Location of plaque on City Wall

City Wall plaque

The text reads

"Part of the Mediaeval Wall of the City of Bath."

Location map of plaque:
City Wall plaque location map

Another, restored section of the wall is on Upper Borough Walls.

Watch a video tour of the line of the City Wall on YouTube at this link


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