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What is it?

The Eastgate is the last survivor of the gates to the medieval city of Bath (the north, west and south gates were demolished 1754-76). It originally led to the city mill and the ferry to Bathwick. The city wall to the north (to the right in the photograph below) survives in 18th century undercrofts. The wall to the south was largely demolished during construction of the Empire Hotel [Forsyth, 2003].

Where is it in Bath?

The Eastgate is located to the rear of the Guildhall and next to the Empire Hotel on Grand Parade:
Location of plaque at Eastgate

Eastgate plaque

The text reads

"Eastgate of the walled city of Bath
1138 City wall heightened
1638 Eastgate repaired
1978 Eastgate repaired"

Location map of plaque:
Eastgate plaque location map



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