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Empire Hotel

What is it?

The Empire Hotel was designed by the City Architect, Major Charles Davis, and built 1899-1901. "An enormous and eccentric Queen Anne Revival building" [Forsyth, 2003], it was requisition by the Admiralty in 1939 and remained in their possession until 1995. It has now been converted into apartments and restaurants.

Where is it in Bath?

The Empire is located on Grand Parade between the Abbey and Pulteney Bridge:
Location of plaque on Empire Hotel

Empire Hotel plaque

The text reads

"The foundation stone was laid twenty three feet below here
by the Rt. Wl. the Mayor of Bath R.E.Dickinson. Esq: M.P. Dec 8th 1899.
God Save the Queen
Jacob Long & Sons. Builders.
Charles E. Davis F.S.A. Archt."

Location map of plaque:
Empire Hotel plaque location map



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