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Grimani Vase

What is it?

The Grimani Vase is made of Cararra marble and dates from the 19th century. It originally stood in the Villa Grimani, Stra-Padua and was donated by an anonymous resident of Bath in 1910 [Forsyth 2003].

Where is it in Bath?

The vase is raised on a pedestal and is located on Royal Avenue just inside the Rivers gate to Royal Victoria Park :
Location of Grimani Vase The pedestal contains the following inscription:
Grimani Vase inscription

The text reads:

 "This vase which originally stood in the Villa Grimani Stra-Padua was presented to the committee of the Royal Victoria Park Bath by a resident August 1810"

Location map of Grimani Vase:
Grimani Vase location map



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