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Victoria Column - Royal Victoria Park

What is it?

Wikipedia:  Royal Victoria Park is located in Bath, England. It was opened in 1830 by the 11 year old Princess Victoria, it was the first park to carry her name, and includes an obelisk dedicated to her. It was privately run as part of the Victorian public park movement until 1921 when it was taken over by the Bath Corporation. 

Where is it in Bath?

The triangular column is located inside the Victoria Gate entrance to the larger part of Royal Victoria Park. The column base has inscriptions on its three sides, indicating that it was erected in 1837:
Victoria Column in Royal Victoria Park

The east face of the column base:

East face of Victoria Column

The text reads

"(top) VICTORIA (below) Her Majesty Queen Victoria married to His Royal Highness Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg and Gotha February 10th 1840"

The north-west face of the column base:

North-west face of Victoria Column

The text reads

"(Top) Completed October 1837. The first year of the reign of Queen Victoria Vivat Regina
 (Below) Her Majesty Queen Victoria and Empress of India Born May 1819 Died January 1901 Aged 81 and reigned 63 years."

The south-west face of the column base:

Soouth-west face of Victoria Column

The text reads

"(Top) The inhabitants and visitors of Bath to the Princess Victoria on the attainment of her majority 14th May 1837. (below) Prince Consort Albert the Good Born 1819 Died 1861 Aged 42"

Location map of plaque:
Victoria Column location map



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