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Baedeker Raids - Haycombe Cemetery Graves

What were they?

Wikipedia:  The Baedeker raids were conducted by the German Luftwaffe Luftflotte 3 in two periods between April and June 1942. They targeted strategically relatively unimportant but picturesque cities in England. The cities were reputedly selected from the German Baedeker Tourist Guide to Britain, meeting the criterion of having been awarded three stars, hence the English name for the raids. Baron Gustav Braun von Stumm, a German propagandist is reported to have said on 24 April 1942 following the first attack, "We shall go out and bomb every building in Britain marked with three stars in the Baedeker Guide."

What was the effect on Bath?

"High explosive bombs...killed over 400 people, totally destroyed 329 houses and shops, wrecked 700 more so severely that they had to be demolished and inflicted some degree of damage on at least 1900 buildings." [Rothnie 1983]

Most of the dead were buried at Haycombe Cemetery on the outskirts of Bath "... a row of white gravestones... witness to the 247 bodies laid to rest there in a series of mass burials." [Rothnie 1983].

A memorial stone is set at the end of a row of graves:

WWII Graves at
        Haycombe Cemetery

The memorial stone has a plaque set into one face:
War Graves plaques at Haycombe Cemetery

The text reads

"1939-1945. This tablet marks the graves of those who died in Bath during the air raids on the 25th 26th 27th April 1942."

The graves are overlooked by the war memorial:

War Memorial at
        Haycombe Cemetery

Location of Haycombe Cemetery:



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