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Pump Room

What is it?

In 1705, Bath Corporation, advised by Dr Oliver and other leading physicians, decided to build a Pump Room for the convenience of those who came to drink the waters. The first Pump Room was built in 1706 by John Harvey as a simple one-story building [Ison 1980]. It was extended in 1751 but rebuilt by Thomas Baldwin from 1790-3, and completed by John Palmer after Baldwin's dismissal [Forsyth 2003]. The Pump Room now houses a restaurant, but the Bath spring water can still be tasted from the 'pump'.

Where is it in Bath?

The building in Abbey Churchyard in the centre of Bath:
Location of plaque at Grand Pump Room

Grand Pump Room plaque

The text reads

"Great Pump Room
Architects Thomas Baldwin (Exterior)
John Palmer (Interior)
Erected 1793 - 99"

Location map of plaque:
Pump Room plaque location map



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