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Queen Square - Francis Hotel

What is it?

Wikipedia:  Queen Square is a square of Georgian houses in the city of Bath. It was the first speculative development by the architect John Wood, the Elder.

Where is it in Bath?

The south side consisted of houses 5 to 13. Wood lived in the centre house (9) until his death in 1754. The Francis Hotel opened in number 10 in 1858, expanding into 6-9 and 11 by 1884 [Forsyth, 2003].
Location of plaque on Francis Hotel, Queen Square

This tablet is fixed to the building on the south-east side of the square:
Plaque on Francis Hotel Queen Square

The text reads

"Four houses which stood here the work of Wood the Elder were destroyed by enemy action on 27th April 1942 and rebuilding was completed in 1953"

Location map of plaque:
Queen Square plaque location map

  See also the tablet on the gate posts to Queen Square Garden.


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