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Minerva's Temple

What is it?

Minerva's Temple was built to promote Bath at the Empire Exhibition in 1911. It was re-erected in Sydney Gardens in 1913-4 to commemorate the Bath Historical Pageant held in Royal Victoria Park in 1909. [Forsyth 2003].

A 3.2m restoration project in Sydney Gardens, partly funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and running  from February 2019 to December 2022, has restored the Temple. Inside are a number of interpretation and information boards. For more information on the restoration project visit this link:

Where is it in Bath?

Minerva's Temple is at the head of the main avenue in Sydney Gardens. The first photo was taken before the restoration project, the second shows the new information boards in place.
Location of Minerva
        Temple plaque

Minerva Temple December 2022
There is plaque located on the inside wall of the temple: 

Plaque on Minerva's Temple

The text on the plaque reads

"This building and tablet commemorate the Great Historical Pageant held at Bath July 19th (-) July 24th 1909.
Alderman John William Knight Mayor
The Marquis of Bath President
T. Sturge Cotterell Chairman of the Executive Committee
Frank Lascelles Master of the Pageant"

Location map of plaque:

  See also the plaque to Isambard Kingdom Brunel in Sydney Gardens.


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