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Theatre Royal

What is it?

The theatre was built in 1805 to the design of George Dance the Younger, carried out by the architect John Palmer (not to be confused with the proprietor of the theatre, also named John Palmer). It replaced the original Theatre Royal in Old Orchard Street. After a disastrous fire in 1862, the interior was rebuilt by C. J. Phipps, who also moved the main entrance to Saw Close. [Forsyth 2003

Where is it in Bath?

The modern entrance to the building is in Saw Close, but the original entrance was in Beaufort Square. The plaque is found on the Saw Close frontage:
Location of plaque at Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal plaque

The text reads

"Theatre Royal

Built 1805       George Dance the Younger
                      John Palmer

Restored 1863 C J Phipps

Restored 1982 Donald Armstrong
                      Carl Toms"

Location map of plaque:
Theatre Royal plaque location map



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