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Josephine Vases

What are they?

The Josephine Vases are a pair of Cararra marble vases, a gift of Napoleon Bonaparte to the Empress Josephine in 1805, brought from France after the Peninsular War. The vases are set within Portland stone aedicules [Forsyth 2003].

Where are they in Bath?

The vases flank the Bandstand in Royal Victoria Park and face the Royal Crescent across Royal Avenue:
Location of Josephine Vases inscription
Josephine Vases inscription

The text of each inscription reads:

 "These Vases, the gift of Napoleon Buonaparte to the Empress Josephine (1805), were brought from France after the Peninsular War by Col. Page and bequeathed by the will of Joseph Fuller Esq. of 19 Lansdown Crescent (1874) to the Royal Victoria Park. They were restored and protected by Capt. Ruth (1914)"

Location map of Josephine Vases:
Josephine Vases location map



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