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King's Circus

What is it?

Wikipedia:  The Circus, originally called King's Circus, was designed by the architect John Wood the Elder, although he never lived to see his plans put into effect as he died less than three months after the first stone was laid in 1754. It was left to his son, John Wood the Younger to complete the scheme to his father's design by 1768.

Divided into three segments of equal length, the Circus is a circular space surrounded by large townhouses. Each of the curved segments faces one of the three entrances, ensuring that whichever way a visitor enters there is a classical facade straight ahead. 

Where is it in Bath?

The Circus is north of Queen Square, conected by Gay Street and east of the Royal Crescent, connected by Brock Street.
Location of plaque in the Circus

This plaque is fixed to railings near the entrance from Bennett Street:
Plaque at the Circus

The text reads

"The Circus
Architects John Wood Senr & Jnr
Erected 1754-69"

Location map of plaque:
Circus plaque location map

The Circus also contains plaques to the following individuals who stayed there:

House 7:    William Pitt the elder, Earl of Chatham
House 9:    Frederic, Lord Leighton
House 13:   Dr David Livingstone
House 14:   Robert, Lord Clive
House 22:   Major John Andre
House 17:   Thomas Gainsborough
House 27:   Rear Admiral Sir William Edward Parry 


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